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ENG 395, Digital Rhetoric for Artificial Intelligence
Instructor (1 section)
  • ​Won proposal to teach a course about the influence of emerging technologies on rhetorical theory and practice​

  • Taught students how to visualize various technical genres and their connections with the audience, interface, technology, design and developers

  • Students evaluated digital texts and created AI applications (chatbots using Python) by constructively applying a rhetorical perspective.
    Syllabus for ENG 395 


ENG 332, Communication for Business and Management
Instructor (2 sections)
  • Prepared the Syllabus, Course Materials, Assignments and Rubrics to help students communicate effectively by becoming familiar with the purposes, audiences, and conventions of written communication in the workplace contexts especially business and public organizations. 

      Syllabus for ENG 332 

ENG 515 - Rhetoric Of Science and Technology
Shadow teaching (1 section)

Shadowed Dr. Stacey Pigg for teaching this course.

  • ​Led the class on the visual rhetoric section

  • Helped with grading 

      Prepared a syllabus for ENG 425 (Analysis of Scientific and Technical Writing)

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