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My teaching experience includes face-to-face, and online delivery methods and it emphasizes interdisciplinary actions, community engagement, and active collaboration to help students identify and resolve communication problems in communities that they are part of both locally and globally. I strive to create an environment conducive for students to explore emerging technologies, to take safe risks, and to promote continuous learning.

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  • Communication for Engineering and Technology (ENG 331)
    Students worked on real-world projects, such as the vMLK project to create useful and sustainable documentation by collaborating with multiple stakeholders and subject matter experts.

  • Communication for Business and Management (ENG 332)
    Prepared Syllabus, course materials, assignments, and rubrics to help students communicate effectively by becoming familiar with the purpose, audiences, and conventions of written communication in the workplace contexts especially business and public organizations.

  • Digital Rhetoric for Artificial Intelligence/Interactions (AI) (ENG/COM 395)
    Students created artificial intelligence applications (chatbots) using Python programming and constructively applying rhetorical criticism to design and inclusive design measures to implement the design.

  • Analysis of Scientific and Technical Writing: Rhetoric and Information design (ENG 425)
    Shadowed Rhetoric of Science and Technology (ENG 515/ENG 798). Conducted one class session on visual rhetoric at the Teaching and Visualization Lab, an immersive experience space at the NC State Library. Developed this syllabus as a deliverable.


My teaching evaluations consistently share a positive story about my work ethos, ability to listen to students' concerns and make accommodations, knowledge, and students' accomplishments due to the coursework. Select student comments:

  • "Nupoor was always willing to look over your work and let you know if you're on the right path, in or out of class. She often responded to emails within an hour (somewhat rare for professors) and really took the time to explain things" (ENG 331, Fall 2016)

  • "Nupoor is an excellent instructor. Her lessons were thorough and she explained the material very well. I was completely new to both rhetoric and coding with Python, and she made it all very easy to learn" (ENG/COM 395, Spring 2019).

  • "I loved the enthusiasm and passion you showed especially considering the interdisciplinary attributes of this course. I'm sure it is incredibly difficult to get English majors to care about coding and upcoming technologies, but your own interest and effort helped this tremendously"(ENG/COM 395, Spring 2019).

  • "Professor Jalindre was incredibly personable and helpful. She was always excited about class and radiated positive energy through the classroom" (ENG/COM 395, Spring 2019).

  • "Very understanding and made sure students were doing okay" (ENG 332, Spring 2020).

  • "The class was formatted very well and instructions were clear on what to do. Professor is very prompt on responding to emails" (ENG 332, Spring 2020).

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