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ENG 331 - Communication for Engineering and Technology
3 Sections

Conducted three sections of the undergraduate course ENG 331 with 22 students in each section
▪ Prepared Syllabus, Course Materials, Assignments and Rubrics
▪ Conducted weekly lectures
▪ Graded assignment along with providing constructive feedback

ENG 395 - Rhetoric and Digital Media
Shadow teaching (1 section)

This course was listed as a special topic: Digital Rhetoric (and Writing) with Arduino and Processing and was conducted by Dr. David Rieder. 

​▪ Assisted with teaching programming concepts

▪ Helped in conducting workshops for projects

▪ Assisted students in troubleshooting hardware and software issues

ENG 515 - Rhetoric Of Science and Technology
Shadow teaching (1 section)

Shadowed Dr. Stacey Pigg for teaching this course.

​▪ Conducted the visual rhetoric section

▪ Helped with grading 

▪ Prepared syllabus for ENG 425 (Analysis of Scientific and Technical Writing)

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